Sin City's Airport Rejects -- Then Approves Of -- Heidi Klum's Hotness

In a bit of an ironic advertising controversy, the same city that allows prostitution ads to be handed out on its resort-lined boulevards has rejected some ads from the Sharper Image which show Heidi Klum and her partially clothed, but concealed 41 year-old body. Heidi is apparently too hot for Vegas' McCarran Airport. » 12/23/14 10:20am 12/23/14 10:20am

Tattooed NASCAR Lady Reinforces Sad Stereotypes

NASCAR fans, you may love your sport for the skill of the drivers, speed of the big tracks or complex points and team strategies, but deniers will always make jokes as long as people like this exist. [Reddit] » 4/05/10 4:00pm 4/05/10 4:00pm