Mexicans Limited To Importing Cars From 1998, I Sold My Taurus Too Soon

Growing up in Texas, it wasn't unusual to see caravans of used cars of a certain "vintage" being towed or driven to Mexico to be sold to consumers on the other side of the border. Especially popular were Chrysler minivans of the early 1990s. That's all going to change now that Mexico has limited imports to cars that are… » 3/04/08 11:10am 3/04/08 11:10am

MG 7 Ready For Export Soon

Malaysia, Russia and Britain could be seeing the reborn MG on their roads as soon as the second half of next year. Nanjing Auto — who plucked the marque from a cluster of classic British brands that never truly recovered from the British Leyland debacle — claims that they've passed UK emissions testing and are ready to … » 6/25/07 3:15pm 6/25/07 3:15pm