Syrian Military Building Literally Vaporized By A Tunnel Bomb

Tunneling is a classic tactic used for guerrilla warfare, one that Syrian rebel forces have used extensively in Syria to deadly effect. Yet the size of this underground detonation is unprecedented, even for this bloody conflict. The building is there and then, moments later, it's gone. » 4/29/14 2:02pm 4/29/14 2:02pm

Watch This Manhole Explode All Over A Chinese Street

We've seen exploding manholes before, but those were the puny affairs of a dying superpower. For a big boom, you need to go to a place that is bursting with national pride and economic enthusiasm. A place like China. Where a few people can basically destroy a street with just a little explosive encouragement. » 2/24/14 4:20pm 2/24/14 4:20pm