This "Bubble Curtain" Will Protect San Francisco's Marine Life From the Bay Bridge Demolition

One of the largest remaining chunks of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge is coming down tomorrow, as engineers continue to dismantle the aging piece of infrastructure. But how to protect the fish and other wildlife in the area as it gets taken down? By blowing bubbles. »11/13/15 6:18pm11/13/15 6:18pm


Breaking: Terrifyingly Huge Explosion Rocks Tianjin, China 

A massive explosion has rocked Tianjin, China. Some reports state that it may have been caused by a large gasoline facility detonating, although the accuracy of these reports remains questionable. Supposedly there are casualties and emergency response crews are trying to get to the scene now. »8/12/15 1:55pm8/12/15 1:55pm

This Explosion In Yemen Looks Like A Tactical Nuke Going Off

There have been some massive explosions caught on film during the last month of Saudi-led air strikes on Houthi rebel positions, but the result of this particular attack is so enormous you could be mistaken that it’s the kind of mushroom cloud and fallout seen during early tactical nuclear weapons tests. »5/12/15 7:30pm5/12/15 7:30pm

Holy Crap That Bed Bug Car Fire Was Huge

Remember that story yesterday about the guy who set three cars on fire, because he suspected one of them had bed bugs? You know the guy, the one who doused everything in alcohol? You thought we were joking about that “dramatic re-enactment” photo we used. Well, looking at video of the real thing, we weren’t that far… »4/16/15 7:15pm4/16/15 7:15pm

Massive Gas Main Explosion Caught On Dash Cam, Injures At Least 15

An explosion in Manahawkin, New Jersey injured at least 15 people today, including two critically, when a gas main was broken in a house under renovation, and all of it was horrifyingly captured on a dashcam. It appears as if there was some forewarning of a problem, as many of the injured were first responders. »2/24/15 8:25pm2/24/15 8:25pm

Watch The Incredibly Violent Antares Rocket Explosion From The Pad

An Antares supply rocket headed for the International Space Station blew to smithereens just above the launch pad last month, and video of it was pretty crazy. But also, it wasn't quite as subway-mumbling insane as it could've been, because the video was from far away. Here's that huge explosion close up. »11/26/14 1:29pm11/26/14 1:29pm

These Guys Packed A Truck Full Of Explosives And Shot It With An M60

This group of 2nd Amendment enthusiasts host an "annual range day" where they shoot all kinds of weapons at just about everything. Watch them waste a derelict pickup truck full of exploding targets with an M60 machine gun mounted on a Dodge Durango, because holy moly that's a big bang. »11/17/14 10:57am11/17/14 10:57am