Massive Gas Main Explosion Caught On Dash Cam, Injures At Least 15

An explosion in Manahawkin, New Jersey injured at least 15 people today, including two critically, when a gas main was broken in a house under renovation, and all of it was horrifyingly captured on a dashcam. It appears as if there was some forewarning of a problem, as many of the injured were first responders. » 2/24/15 8:25pm 2/24/15 8:25pm

Watch The Incredibly Violent Antares Rocket Explosion From The Pad

An Antares supply rocket headed for the International Space Station blew to smithereens just above the launch pad last month, and video of it was pretty crazy. But also, it wasn't quite as subway-mumbling insane as it could've been, because the video was from far away. Here's that huge explosion close up. » 11/26/14 1:29pm 11/26/14 1:29pm

These Guys Packed A Truck Full Of Explosives And Shot It With An M60

This group of 2nd Amendment enthusiasts host an "annual range day" where they shoot all kinds of weapons at just about everything. Watch them waste a derelict pickup truck full of exploding targets with an M60 machine gun mounted on a Dodge Durango, because holy moly that's a big bang. » 11/17/14 10:57am 11/17/14 10:57am

Watch This Russian Rocket Explode Resulting In A Massive Shockwave

From Foxtrot Alpha: A Proton-M rocket carrying a GLONASS satellite exploded just after leaving the launch pad last summer, and it was chock full of rocket fuel. The shock-wave from the blast is made incredibly clear some ten seconds after the flailing rocket detonates in a huge fireball. » 8/23/14 3:05pm 8/23/14 3:05pm

Ford Super Duty prototype melts down in the desert

Prototypes break. That's the whole point. Something fails, and instead of Joe Public cursing at a service manager for an hour, it's an engineer cursing at a clipboard, and muttering about all the paperwork she'll have to file to fix the issue. Sometimes, though, the failure is more spectacular.

This 2016 Ford Super… » 8/04/14 10:57am 8/04/14 10:57am

Syrian Military Building Literally Vaporized By A Tunnel Bomb

Tunneling is a classic tactic used for guerrilla warfare, one that Syrian rebel forces have used extensively in Syria to deadly effect. Yet the size of this underground detonation is unprecedented, even for this bloody conflict. The building is there and then, moments later, it's gone. » 4/29/14 2:02pm 4/29/14 2:02pm

Watch This Manhole Explode All Over A Chinese Street

We've seen exploding manholes before, but those were the puny affairs of a dying superpower. For a big boom, you need to go to a place that is bursting with national pride and economic enthusiasm. A place like China. Where a few people can basically destroy a street with just a little explosive encouragement. » 2/24/14 4:20pm 2/24/14 4:20pm