List For Rich Dudes Gets Veyron Horsepower Number Wrong

It's only 987, duPont Registry people, not 1001. That is, if you're measuring it in proper 'Merican horsepower numbers, like the 505 cranked out by the new Z06. A car which all y'all incidentally nominated as Best Bang for the Buck in your survey of the finest exotic vehicles exceptionally wealthy people can buy. We… » 9/29/05 12:19pm 9/29/05 12:19pm

Art Center Celebrates 75th Birthday, Displays Important Cars

Pasadena's Art Center College of Design, notable for its automotive design program and turning out rodding celebrities like Chip Foose (whose senior portfolio was the inspiration for the Plymouth Prowler) and David Perry, celebrated its 75th anniversary Sunday by displaying 100 significant vehicles. Jay Leno showed… » 7/19/05 9:53am 7/19/05 9:53am