If You Want Your Building To Look Fancy Put A Maybach Exelero In Front…

CNBC recently compiled a list of the most expensive apartments in New York City and look whose car is parked outside of One57 and its $115,000,000 penthouse. Yes, it's the $8 million one-of-one Maybach Exelero perhaps owned by rapper/record exec Birdman. » 8/21/12 5:30pm 8/21/12 5:30pm

Birdman spends $8 million on Maybach Exelero

Statistically speaking, they've made so few Maybach Exeleros they don't exist. But Birdman the rapper (not the lawyer) has added to his collection by spending $8 million on one. Tacky rims in 3... 2... 1... » 4/29/11 12:30pm 4/29/11 12:30pm

Saudi Hand-Builds Giant Maybach Coupe, Wants You To Buy It

Enthusiasts of out-of-the-park opulence desperately wanted Maybach to build its Exelero concept for production. The prototype's designer took it upon himself to do his own. Now it's for sale. Just don't call it the Canyonaro. It hates that. » 12/30/10 1:00pm 12/30/10 1:00pm

No, P. Diddy Did Not Buy His 16-Year-Old Kid An $8 Million Maybach

There are a few reports about P. Diddy getting his son an $8 million Maybach Exelero for his 16th Birthday. These reports are wrong. He probably just bought him a $342,000 Maybach. » 1/26/10 9:30am 1/26/10 9:30am

Maybach: The End Is Nigh

Billionaires the world over are bummed. That's right kids, Mercedes-Benz's ultra-luxury marketing disaster experiment is slowly but methodically getting its plug pulled. The skinny: since 2002, Maybach has sold a whopping 800 cars. Here in the United States, the world's biggest market for cars that cost more than… » 10/02/07 9:45am 10/02/07 9:45am

Maybach Exelero

Why have a Fantasy Garage if you cant induct a fantasy? That's the question we ask this week, as we nominate the Maybach Exelero show car to the devil-may-care JFG. Cars are getting better and faster every week. But few, if any, have the presence, character and sheer sinisterism of the Exelero. (For sure they have… » 9/05/07 11:30am 9/05/07 11:30am

Maybach to Bring Exelero to Frankfurt

Mercedes-Benz's Maybach announced it will show its Exelero coupe in Frankfurt next month, giving the public their first close encounter with the ludicrously amuck demo car for Fulda tires. Built on the same platform as the Matbach 57, the Exelero is as completely insane as you'd expect from a Maybach prototype,… » 8/24/05 9:31am 8/24/05 9:31am

Piloting Maybach's Batmobile, the Exelero Show Car

AutoWeek writer Mark Vaughn got a chance to test drive Maybach's sports-coupe prototype, the Exelero — a show car supposedly built, of all things, to test tires. Sure, we'd hardly believed the ultralux Mercedes brand would build such a tire-test mule, though AW reports the project was indeed financed by German… » 8/01/05 9:45am 8/01/05 9:45am

Maybach Unveils Exelero Show Car

Maybach today unveiled a bulky, high-performance show car — recalling a streamlined Maybach sportster from the 1930s. The two-seater Exelero, developed with help from students at Pforzheim College, sports a 700hp, twin-turbo V12, which recently propelled the 6,000lb brute to 218.4 mph on a test track in Nardo, Italy. » 5/12/05 12:12pm 5/12/05 12:12pm