Who Needs A Bike When Your SUV Has A Built-In Exercise Machine?

We've all seen these ridiculously-equipped SUVs designed for the one percent before. They're full of stained wood accents, plush leather seating, and everything from big-screen TVs to coffee makers. But this is the first time we've seen one with a full-on exercise machine inside. » 4/18/12 4:15pm 4/18/12 4:15pm

Check Out The Million Dollar Subterranean Garage Only Accessible…

If you've ever wondered how the obscenely rich squander their wealth, here's your answer. Tom Gonzalez made a small fortune when he sold his software company, so he purchased an elaborate estate in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, which includes one of the most over-the-top and drool-worthy garages we've ever seen. » 4/12/12 10:15am 4/12/12 10:15am

Gold Chromed Mercedes C63 AMG Pushes Excess Higher

Not content with the painstakingly flawless paint job already present on the Mercedes C63 AMG, this little Sheiklet decided to slather his in tasteless golden chrome. » 1/26/09 1:00pm 1/26/09 1:00pm

Six Wheels And An Airplane Engine: 1923 Hispano-Suiza H6A

Your high-rolling players these days drive their Excaliburs and Blackhawks and whatnot, snorting pharm-grade off the firm young bellies of Eastern European strippers in a private room in the Club Spirochete and all...
» 8/01/07 2:45pm 8/01/07 2:45pm