Watch Phyllis Diller Explain Her Car's 'Gangster Lights'

One of America's most genuine kooks, Phyllis Diller, passed earlier today at the decidedly serious age of 95. Diller was a very funny woman who cultivated a certain bizarre, disheveled look, and it's nice to know that she made sure her cars had a similar over-the-top look. Hence her love of that most unloved of… »8/20/12 6:00pm8/20/12 6:00pm


Think The Stutz Diplomatica Is Too Restrained? Zimmer Golden Spirit!

Back in the early 1980s, a real high roller with ample white-powder resources and no sense of taste whatsoever had several Detroit-land-yacht-based glitzmobiles to choose from. There's some debate about which was the most ostentatious, but there's no doubt the Zimmer Golden Spirit is a heavy contender for the crown.… »7/13/07 12:00pm7/13/07 12:00pm