Geneva Showcase: Rinspeed eXasis

One word, kid, plastics. That was the advice given to Benjamin Braddock, recent grad and schupper of proto-MILF, Mrs. Robinson in "The Graduate." What if he'd listened? What if he'd finished his PhD in materials science, moved to Switzerland, took a job with Bayer, and created a strong, lightweight, transparent… » 3/06/07 3:59pm 3/06/07 3:59pm

More on Rinspeed's "Glass Car" for Geneva

Rinspeed released more info on its "glass" roadster concept, the eXasis. Not glass at all, really, the eXasis is made of cutting-edge plastics, including a transparent body and floor of a compound dubbed Makrolon by the chemists at Bayer. Recalling bullet-shaped racers of the 1960s, the eXasis gets its power from a… » 2/14/07 7:45am 2/14/07 7:45am

Rinspeed to Show "Glass Car" in Geneva

The Swiss concept-car scientists at Rinspeed are readying another experiment in materials chemistry for the Geneva show this year — this time in honor of their 30th anniversary. It's called the eXasis — a "glass car" made from the latest plastics. While the errant upper-case letter in its name denotes super… » 12/18/06 8:42am 12/18/06 8:42am