Fisker Electric Cars Bought A $30 Million SoCal Shop To Start Building Again

Remember the Fisker car company? Talented designer selling sleek electric cars for $100,000 each until a battery recall – among other things – bankrupted the outfit? Well the Chinese auto parts empire Wanxiang bought them last year, and reportedly just bought 555,670 square feet of California to resume production. » 8/12/15 8:00pm 8/12/15 8:00pm

This Electric Formula Car Set A New 0-62MPH Record At 1.779 Seconds

Students of the University of Stuttgart had enough of the fact that the electric acceleration record ended up on the shelf of students from ETH Zürich and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, so they built their own racer that was good enough to beat them by a mere 0.006 seconds.
» 7/24/15 10:39am 7/24/15 10:39am

Fiat Chrysler's Slow Adoption Of Electric Cars Makes Sense, For Now

There's little doubt that Fiat Chrysler's future is ambitious. The multi-national company wants to sell many more cars than it does now, be more profitable, more nimble and more relevant. But when it comes to flashy, halo cars, they're sticking to Hemi power. Electric cars are notably absent from Fiat Chrysler's plans. » 5/07/14 9:00pm 5/07/14 9:00pm

Miles Highway Speed: The Silent Yet Violent Electric Vehicle

Thousands of inches of print and webspace have been dedicated to electric cars like the Tesla Roadster and countless more opining on hybrids and near-electrics like the Chevy Volt, but what about the Miles Electric Highway Speed? If you've never heard about it before, don't worry, we hadn't either.

» 12/03/08 11:00am 12/03/08 11:00am