Italian cops now cruise in a Lotus Evora

The Italian highway cops have their Lambo, but the hard-asses at Arma dei Carabinieri are getting two Lotus Evora S cruisers. The specially-equipped cars have voice recognition tech and a refrigerated compartment for blood-and-organs transport, or keeping their Limoncello cold. » 7/21/11 1:30pm 7/21/11 1:30pm

Lotus Evora S: First Drive

If you ran out and bought a Lotus Evora last year, you're an idiot. If you'd waited, for a paltry four grand more, you could have had this — the Lotus Evora S. And instead of a flawed and compromised edge-of-exotic beauty, you'd now own a flawed and compromised edge-of-exotic beauty that manages to be the best luxury… » 6/23/11 12:00pm 6/23/11 12:00pm

Lotus Evora S: 350 HP Worth Of Supercharged Go

The Lotus Evora S is a more properly sorted machine with a supercharged, 350-hp 3.5-liter V6, a tighter suspension and improved aerodynamics. According to the CEO of Lotus "It's an instinctual car, the experience is pure." » 8/26/10 5:15pm 8/26/10 5:15pm

Supercharged Lotus Evora S Looks Pretty Familiar

An undisguised Lotus Evora S was out on the Nürburgring testing its newly-supercharged 3.5-liter Toyota V6 engine and slightly more-aggressive spoiler before its Paris Motor Show debut. And no, that supercharger won't fit your Camry. [AutoExpress] » 8/18/10 2:00pm 8/18/10 2:00pm

Lotus Evora S, Auto And "Mystery Car" Coming To Paris

An email announcing the Lotus Evora S, Evora Auto and a "mystery car" will debut at the Paris Motor Show leaked and all the automedia wants to talk about is the CCing error. Who cares? We're getting an Evora S! » 8/16/10 5:15pm 8/16/10 5:15pm