Swedish Speedballs: Tuning Shops to Show C30 Concepts at SEMA

Volvo's new C30 hatch will represent the Swedes at SEMA's really big show this November, with prototype models from three tuning houses sharing the Vegas spotlights (or is that the twinkle of sequined g-strings off the motoring press's Lenscrafters specials?). The cars will arrive by way of EVOLVE (whose XC90 tuners… » 9/05/06 9:27am 9/05/06 9:27am

A TwoFer: Opposite Volvo Four-Wheelers in Los Angeles

Director Brett Ratner's Evolve XC90 takes the Hollywood route (did you expect anything less from a hack?) and goes all midnight on our asses. Black, black, everywhere black. Blacker than Huey P. Newton. Blacker than Blackface Jesus. Definitely blacker than Wayne Newton. It quotes Chuck D. It's so black, it's at war… » 1/05/06 11:36pm 1/05/06 11:36pm

Volvo to Show Upscale XC90 Concept in Los Angeles

Volvo will unveil another XC90 show truck at the Los Angeles show today, this one tweaked to the hilt by Volvo tuning house Evolve and owned by film director Brett Ratner ("Rush Hour," "Whatever Happened to Mason Reese" [yes, that Mason Reese] ). Just like the XC90 tuners Volvo showed at SEMA in 2004 (pictured) and … » 1/04/06 8:26am 1/04/06 8:26am