Inappropriate Rocket Powered Items is one of those sites that should charge me by the minute. Why? Because whenever I check 'em out, I'm stuck for an hour. And in internet time, that's like forever. is the same way. Back to, who doesn't want to pour over 13 Ferocious Oil Drill Bits? Or giant airship hangers? Or… » 1/09/08 10:45am 1/09/08 10:45am

Daredevil to Recreate Evel Knievel's Snake River Canyon Jump, in a Limo

Just weeks after Evel Knievel's death, one of the daredevil's biggest fans has declared his intention to recreate Evel's most famous jump, in a limousine. "Mad" Mike Hughes, who declares himself "The Most Famous Limousine Driver in the World," already holds the Guinness World Record for the longest jump in a limo.… » 12/19/07 3:15pm 12/19/07 3:15pm

Here With Fanfare, Your Final Tribute To Evel Knievel

Though the kitchy and hilarious "Jump of Legends" didn't make your cut in the vote for Jalopnik's final Evel Knievel tribute, the handsome and impressively constructed "Creation of Evel" did, with a commanding 37.4% of the vote. This tasteful work was contributed by reader Thomas Reynolds, who hails from the beating… » 12/12/07 1:45pm 12/12/07 1:45pm

Evel Tribute Submissions In, Help Us Decide The Final Jump

A few Friday's ago, the hoon world lost the renegade of the ramp, the sultan of speed, the king of compound fractures, Evel Knievel. We asked you to work up your personal tribute to this monster of pop culture and you responded in spades. In the last days, we put together the Jalopnik Counsel of Awesomeness and… » 12/10/07 12:15pm 12/10/07 12:15pm

Remembering Robert Craig "Evel" Knievel, Jr

Yesterday, we lost a giant of American history. It's hard to overstate how massive Evel Knievel was in the media sphere of the late 1960s and early 1970s without some premium-grade hyperbole. Imagine the most identifiable figure of the past few years — Oprah, say, or that geek Star Wars kid from YouTube — and raise… » 12/01/07 1:00pm 12/01/07 1:00pm

An Evel Knievel Tribute: Photoshop the Hoonfather's Final Jump

If you're anything like us, you're completely heartbroken over the passing of ubermensch and all around hero to hoons everywhere, Evel Kneivel. Rarely in the annals of history has a man come along with no purpose other than to capture the popular imagination. There are an untold number of errant youths who invested… » 12/01/07 10:45am 12/01/07 10:45am