B&Z Electra King: The Jalopnik Classic Review

The Electra King was a line of electric city cars made in Long Beach, CA from 1963-1980 something. There's one in my neighborhood I've always admired, and I finally got the chance to drive it. It's not a "good" car, by any standard, and the score reflects that. But I sure as hell like it. A lot. » 7/13/12 2:00pm 7/13/12 2:00pm

Want A Genuine EV1 Owner's Manual? A Million Bucks And It's Yours!

Whether or not you start boiling with rage at the mere mention of the EV1, you can't dispute the fact they were rare to begin with and are all but nonexistent now. So what's a genuine, original EV1 Owner's Handbook worth? How about a $1,000,000 Buy It Now price on eBay? We're pretty sure the seller is just shooting… » 7/21/08 12:00pm 7/21/08 12:00pm

Detroit Auto Show Preview: Who Killed the What Now? GM to Unveil…

One of our favorite Simpsons was when Mr. Burns got the one billion dollar bill and him, Smithers and Homer flee to Cuba. They hook up with Castro who wants to have a look at the filthy lucre. Mr. Burns isn't sure, but Homer tells him, "C'mon Mr. Burns — you can trust Castro." So, Burnsey hands Fidel the bill and the… » 1/07/07 4:24am 1/07/07 4:24am

Smithsonian Killed The Electric Car?

The big question of "Who Killed the Electric Car?" will have to be set aside momentarily while electronic car enthusiasts everywhere attempt to figure out the significantly less important question — "Who Killed the Electric Car — At The Smithsonian?" It seems the Smithsonian National Museum of American History… » 6/16/06 12:09pm 6/16/06 12:09pm

Who Killed the Electric Car? We're Blaming John Wilkes Booth

We love it when self-righteous blowhards of any stripe get together and yammer on about how great the EV1 was as if it were somehow some great white hope instead of a great white elephant. The EV1 died because nobody was leasing it. Just like the H1 died because nobody was buying it. Just like the Insight died… » 6/05/06 7:45pm 6/05/06 7:45pm

Jamming Electro: New Documentary Traces History of GM's EV1

To more than a few observers, the rise and fall of GM's EV1 electric car was just another example of the continuing failure of EV cars to be viable as transportation — how they're just a pipe dream of crunchy enviro-engineero-scientifo-do-gooders with more money than common sense. After all, the market had apparently… » 5/26/06 10:54am 5/26/06 10:54am

Remembering the EV1

GM's EV1 'lectric car was a bold experiment in many ways, but it suffered from its outr oddness; a vehicle ahead of its time, ultimately undone by hybrids or weird, nichey vehicles by small-volume manufacturers who had less of a business case to make for their electromobiles. Plus, it apparently had odd handling… » 5/23/06 3:00pm 5/23/06 3:00pm