Silent But Deadly: The EU Wants Electric Cars to Add Sounds for Safety

Last week, the European Parliament ruled that all electric and hybrid cars must add artificial engine noise so that pedestrians can hear them coming. While the mandate is mostly to protect visually impaired pedestrians, the noise will also benefit anyone on the street who's ever had a near-miss with a Prius. »4/07/14 2:31pm4/07/14 2:31pm


EU Reportedly Has Secret Plan For Kill-Switch On All New Cars

The European Union is secretly developing technology that would be fitted to all new cars that would enable police to remotely stop any vehicle they want just by pressing a button, according to a report from The Telegraph. Either this is a huge advance in policing or a massive invasion of privacy. Or potentially both. »2/02/14 3:00pm2/02/14 3:00pm