EU Reportedly Has Secret Plan For Kill-Switch On All New Cars

The European Union is secretly developing technology that would be fitted to all new cars that would enable police to remotely stop any vehicle they want just by pressing a button, according to a report from The Telegraph. Either this is a huge advance in policing or a massive invasion of privacy. Or potentially both. » 2/02/14 3:00pm 2/02/14 3:00pm

European Union wants to ban gas, diesel cars by 2050

The European Union's transport chief wants to ban diesel or gas-burning vehicles in cities by 2050, mainly through higher taxes and new rules. Maybe now's the time to start broadening those U.S. import rules... » 3/28/11 4:45pm 3/28/11 4:45pm

Two European Automakers Meet Decade's "Voluntary" CO2 Targets; Success!

Only two companies achieved the voluntary average CO2 target of 140 g/km that European automakers set for themselves in the late 1990's to avoid actual government sanctions. Fiat and Mini were the big winners with emissions of 138.2 and 139.6 g/km, respectively. The worst offenders were Porsche (275.6 g/km), Land… » 7/15/08 1:20pm 7/15/08 1:20pm

EU Outlines New Environmental Restrictions, Disappoints Ze Germans and…

The European Commission announced their energy bill today, which will require carmakers to reduce the CO2 emissions of new automobiles by approximately 20% to 120 grams per kilometer (30 fingers per ounce, we think) by 2012. Within the EU cars account for 12% of all carbon emissions. On one side, environmental groups… » 12/19/07 2:15pm 12/19/07 2:15pm

France at War With Germany... Over Car Emissions

Europe is heating up over vehicle emissions (someone tell the Archduke of Austria to hide), and it's France on the offensive this time. A report recently came out detailing that while most European car companies were reducing emissions, German car emissions actually rose by 1.9%. Germany wants different limits for the… » 11/15/07 11:00am 11/15/07 11:00am

UK to EU: Give Us a Break

Britain's Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly is none-to-pleased with the EU's plans for a 125g/km carbon dioxide limit for all new cars from 2015. Porque? According to Kelly, the onus it puts on car manufacturers that sell only a few high emission cars (Aston Martin/Bentley) is unfair. It may not be a problem for the… » 11/02/07 11:30am 11/02/07 11:30am

All Your Auto Operating Systems Are Belong To Japan, Inc.?

In response to similar moves from the European Union, the Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry are joining together with basically every Japanese automaker and major supplier — including Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Denso — to create a unified automotive OS for all automakers from the island nation. They're doing it with… » 7/30/07 2:45pm 7/30/07 2:45pm

Cars Designed to Go at Stupid Speeds?

We found an interesting article on the confusion EU fuel retailers face as different members of the Eurofederacy pursue varying solutions to the petroleum problem. Chris Davies, the Minister of European Parliament who royally pissed us off a couple posts back by suggesting that performance cars should be banned also… » 6/26/07 7:00pm 6/26/07 7:00pm

Europe Considers Banning High Performance Cars

Sweet George Washington. Looks like the green-toothed, cheese-eating surrender monkeys are saddling up to the hoon-hating Pope. Sorry to revert to silly stereotypes, but this is just lousy. European leaders are in talks with each other discussing the possibility of banning high-powered sports cars on the Continent… » 6/26/07 6:15pm 6/26/07 6:15pm

Merkel Don't Need No Merkin: German Chancellor Stands Up for Bruce

Angela Merkel just applied a blast furnace to the cockles of our speed-freak hearts by standing up to the EU and asserting that unrestricted autobahn speeds aren't negotiable. The key to the development of the most Brucetastic vehicles in the world, the highways are a wonder of order and precision, at least when… » 2/06/07 9:30pm 2/06/07 9:30pm

British Motorists Want Greener Cars, EU Wants to Help

According to a survey by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, 90% of Blighty motorists want cars that cause less in the way of blight, and the European Commission is fast-tracking an initiative to make that happen. The new Low Carbon Car Fund will offer motorists between three-hundred and a thousand quid… » 5/25/06 7:00pm 5/25/06 7:00pm

Run On Plates in Sofia Creates Massive Bulgarian Headache

Owners of older cars in Sofia, Bulgaria are playing havoc with the city's traffic as they line up for new EU-approved license plates, in some cases waiting in lines four hours long and creating hazardous traffic conditions. Brilliantly, in a city of nearly 1.4 million people, authorities have set up one station where… » 3/16/06 3:41pm 3/16/06 3:41pm

Clamping on the Furriners: British Cops to Immobilize Unlawful Foreign…

The Brits are amending their Road Safety Bill to include a provision for law-enforcement officers to clamp foreign-registered vehicles that muff the rules. Inspired by falsified names/addresses by cross-Europe truckers, the po-po will now be able to clamp vehicles from other nation-states if the drivers are unable to… » 3/08/06 5:40pm 3/08/06 5:40pm

Greeks Seizin' Cars

The EU ain't all that happy with Greece these days. It seems that they're seizing cars of visitors and leveling some some seriously preposterous fines. In short, seems to us (and bear in mind our grasp of Greece's place in the geopolitical spectrum dates back to roughly 'round the time Socrates quaffed the hemlock),… » 3/07/06 8:34pm 3/07/06 8:34pm

More Chinese Euro Safety End-Runs

Following the Landwind fiasco, another Chinese automaker is taking heat for making an end run around EU safety regs. Great Wall Automobile plans to launch the Hover SUV and Deer 4x4, both phenomenally-named vehicles that Great Wall is hoping will hover and bound their way to 12,000 sales a year, primarily in Spain… » 12/20/05 4:17pm 12/20/05 4:17pm

Euro Automakers Cry Foul, Threaten to Take Case to WTO Over Chinese…

European vehicle manufacturers aren't thrilled with Chinese decrees that foreign automakers must engage in joint ventures with domestic companies. They feel (and rightly so), that the playing field is set for an uphill run to the goal for their products, as well as their long-term business plans. So much so, in fact,… » 12/13/05 9:58pm 12/13/05 9:58pm

Ford of Europe Head: We Ain't Sellin' Jaguar!

Despite rumors to the contrary, Lewis Booth main Lewis Booth and generally guy in charge of FoMoCo's Euro endeavors says that Jaguar is mos def not on the block, despite impending staff cuts. He also said that the automaker's Old Word unit is on track to post a profit of $100-200 million bucks. All's rosy in… » 12/12/05 6:50pm 12/12/05 6:50pm

The Light of One's Life: EU To Mandate Daytime Headlight Operation

The EU's mental muscles hooked up in Brussels for a sit-down on the question of daytime headlight operation and came out convinced that it should be mandatory across the European Union within a couple of years. When they were done, the went out for a few glasses of Chimay, ate tall waffles, consumed some… » 12/12/05 5:51pm 12/12/05 5:51pm