Next-Gen Ford Ethanol Injection Engine, Codenamed Bobcat, Eyeballing Diesel Market

According to our friends at »9/02/08 12:45pm9/02/08 12:45pm, Ford is developing an engine which might offer a powerful alternative to diesels at a lower price. Codenamed Bobcat, the gasoline-powered engine allegedly begins with Ford's architecture and then, with the help of ethanol injection, goes places turbocharged engines can't…


Ethanol-Boosted Gasoline Engines Could Get Higher Fuel Economy, Higher Torque Than Diesels...At Ford?

Our friends at tell us a company called Ethanol Boosting Systems (EBS) is developing turbocharged gasoline engines that can rival diesel torque output for a third of the price. By combining high compression, huge boost numbers, port fuel injection and the key component — direct ethanol injection, EBS… »7/29/08 10:00am7/29/08 10:00am