Chicago Auto Show: Army Stryker Engineer Squad Vehicle

Though the International Lonestar may have been the largest reveal of the show, the Army's LAV III Stryker Engineer Squad Vehicle may have been the biggest and meanest thing at the show. One of the engineers gave us a tour of the ESV, which is responsible for mine detection and removal, setting down lane markers and… » 2/08/08 11:15am 2/08/08 11:15am

It's Like A Cadillac Escalade ESV, Only Supercharged!

We knew it was coming and we're surprised it took this long to happen. The folks at Big 3 Performance have released a supercharger system for the 2007 Cadillac Escalade ESV to mark "yet another leap forward in the never ending quest for more power." For serious — that line's pulled directly from the press release.… » 7/10/07 11:58pm 7/10/07 11:58pm

Bullrun 2007: We're In Vermont, Meow!

We've picked up Annabelle in the Escalade — and she's taking the wheel as we head through Vermont to Conway, New Hampshire to meet up with her big (by 20 minutes) brother. We'll have pictures up from earlier at the start of the race shortly. So sit back for a while, meow, and be entertained. » 5/12/07 2:22pm 5/12/07 2:22pm

Bullrun 2007: What Will Wert Drive?

Ok, we saw what Nicholas and Annabelle's whip'll be — but that's only two seats. How am I going to provide the full width and breadth of pageantry and lifestyle coverage you're expecting? Well — as I've never always said — if you're gonna ride, you've got to ride in playa' style. Because with this bad boy, I'll be… » 5/12/07 7:45am 5/12/07 7:45am

German TV Network To Get Oscar Winners To Name-Drop In A GeigerCars…

ProSieben, Germany's second-biggest television network, is all about American star-humping. With a motto of "we love to entertain you," the network is largely dependent on US-copyrighted shows and movies. It's a network well-known for running promos and lead-ins for the shows featuring the 'merican stars and cast… » 2/17/07 2:25pm 2/17/07 2:25pm