The original Lotus Esprit: A wedge perfected

Everyone keeps remarking about how Porsche 911s have looked the same for the past 50 years, but no one ever remarks how the Lotus Esprit has been guilty of a similar fate (sans the new one). Well okay, the Esprit wasn't nearly as resilient or successful of a sports car as the 911 is, but that's not going to stop me… »9/05/13 10:12pm9/05/13 10:12pm

Lotus Esprit Submarine Car From The Spy Who Loved Me Heading To Auction Again

James Bond's transforming Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me »11/14/08 12:00pm11/14/08 12:00pm is up on the auction block , so if you've got $175,000 and an appreciation for the Giugiaro-designed 1976 Lotus Esprit we recommend booking a flight to London next month for the Bonhams auction. What makes the Esprit so famous is that, at the touch of a…

Lotus Boss Says New, High-Performance Mid-Engined Supercar Coming In 2010

Moments after unveiling the Lotus Evora, Lotus Group CEO Mike Kimberley announced the brand would continue its expansion with two more new platforms. This means Lotus will be shifting to a three-platform model, with the Elise and Europa on the smallest chassis, the Evora occupying the second platform and a new,… »7/22/08 9:40am7/22/08 9:40am

Maniac Transplants Audi 4.2-Liter V8 Into 1981 Lotus Esprit

This is one of those rare occasions where the most appropriate reaction to an engine transplant is to stand from your chair, and begin a slow clap of awe-inspired appreciation. It takes a certain kind of bonkers maniac to wrest the 2.2 liter 4-cylinder Lotus engine and Citroen gearbox from an otherwise impeccable… »4/04/08 3:40pm4/04/08 3:40pm