Commenter of the Day: Sexual Innuendo Edition

If you're like me, you spend a lot of time wondering why women aren't as obsessed with cars as men. Logic would indicate that just as many women drive as men (at least in the US and Europe). Of course that same brand of logic would argue that men wear just as much clothing as women and I shouldn't start yawning when… » 1/09/08 5:45pm 1/09/08 5:45pm

Spadaconcept Reveals Codatronica Prototype

Italian design shop Spadaconcept — founded by former Zagato stylist Ercole Spada — revealed images of its new Codatronica concept. A modern take on Italy's last-century sports-car designs, the Codatronica is based on Chevrolet's Corvette chassis and mechanicals. According to, it'll be produced in three… » 4/13/07 1:27pm 4/13/07 1:27pm

Batman Cometh: The Ercole Sword Concept? has a shot of what may be a concept car built in a collaboration between Italian tuning shop Uk Garage and designer Ercole Spada's firm SpadaConcept. The former chief stylist with Zagato is responsible for the Aston Martin DB4, Alpha Romeo TZ and Fulvia Zagato Sport. This car was allegedly inspired by the … » 3/02/07 3:15pm 3/02/07 3:15pm