This World Peace Prophet Is Secretly Building Detroit's New Muscle Car

One of the highlights of the Detroit Auto Show was seeing the three existing Equus Bass 770s up close. And one of the biggest mysteries of the show was why Equus wouldn't reveal who was in charge of the company, saying only that it was a "European businessman." I wanted to find out who it was. Spoiler alert: I did and… » 1/24/14 12:20pm 1/24/14 12:20pm

The Secrets Of The Equus Bass, The Best Muscle Car Mashup You Can Buy

Looking at the Equus Bass (guitar, not fish) is a little disorienting. The car-recognizer parts of your brain start firing, but all at once. It's like every major American muscle car was placed into a giant blender and cast into this. It's like one of those composite cars in Grand Theft Auto. Also, it's fantastic. » 1/15/14 3:40pm 1/15/14 3:40pm

Spy Photos: Hyundai Equus Coming to New York

Later this year, Hyundai will up its ante in the US car market, to include a car in the $30,000 range. If you've been following along, you'll know the car may be called the Equus, in reference to the company's Equus concept shown in 2002, and the executive car of the same name Hyundai sells to Korean salarymen and… » 1/25/07 6:54am 1/25/07 6:54am

Spy Photos: More on the Hyundai Equus, Detroit Edition

Hyundai's upcoming rear-drive sedan, codenamed BH (aka Equus), apparently has been flaunting its Korean-made luxe all over suburban Detroit — exposing its kinky C-pillar and other salacious whatnots. While we'd heard the new executive car would hit market for MY 2008, powered by a version of Hyundai's workhorse… » 1/02/07 7:19am 1/02/07 7:19am

Spy Video: Hyundai Sedan, Codenamed BH

What will Hyundai's next upmarket. rear-drive sedan be called? It may take the Equus name, like its Korean executive-car counterpart, or it could get an entirely new designation. Either way, Streetfire.net put up a spy video of that sedan — clad to the hilt in obfuscative leather — reportedly codenamed BH. According… » 8/04/06 9:33am 8/04/06 9:33am