GayWheels.com Drops A New Top Ten List Of Cars Gays Are Searching For

While not ourselves gay, we're proud to support our man-loving brothers and women-loving sisters in making whatever choices they feel most comfortable making. That includes cars — like the latest fabulous list of most-researched vehicles on Gaywheels.com. Apparently the Toyota Yaris continues to take the top spot,… » 7/24/07 10:00am 7/24/07 10:00am

Pebble Beach V-Dub: Volkswagen Reveals Eos "Highway 1" Edition Concept

When Volkswagen sent its "Moonraker" project team to a Malibu beach house to suss out how to hook the American car market, it came up with the GX3 three-wheeler, which was subsequently kaboshed by the company's lawyers (likely after a good deal of awkward laughter in the general counsel's office). They also came up… » 8/20/06 1:15am 8/20/06 1:15am

Accessible Eos: VW Prices New Convertible Under $30,000

The car company of the folks just announced pricing for its new Eos convertible. As expected, it's coming in under 30 large, or $27,990 at base — that'd be with the 200hp 2.0 liter turbo four — though with VW's more potent, narrow-angle V6, the MSRP rises to a more princely $36,850. Premium-package options include… » 5/19/06 3:20pm 5/19/06 3:20pm

Break Like the Wind: Volkswagen Fixes Eos Noise Issue

Had Volkswagen not fixed a nagging wind noise issue on its new Eos convertible, drivers may have spent their top-down time wondering if they were going mad. Pre-production models were plagued by a kind of whispering sound (faster, faster) that's reportedly been fixed by Webasto, maker of the car''s retractable… » 3/08/06 12:48pm 3/08/06 12:48pm

Her Name is Eos, And She Dances On The Sand

We checked out the VW Eos' snazzy convertible top gymastics while making Transformers noises with Bumbeck. Without sounding melodramatic, the transformation's truly something to behold. And it's way smoother than Optimus Prime. Is it as sexy as Megatron? Depends on your kinks, we suppose. After the jump: more shots… » 1/04/06 4:42pm 1/04/06 4:42pm

Volkswagen to Build Next Scirocco, Others in Portugal?

The People s Elbow Car Company is investigating the possibility of producing its new Golf-based sportster on the Iberian Peninsula at its Autoeuropa plant in Setubal, Portugal. The plant currently builds the Ford Galaxy, VW Sharan and Seat Alhambra. Galaxy production ends next month, and Volkswagen's not sure about… » 11/29/05 2:22pm 11/29/05 2:22pm

It's Official: New Volkswagen Cabrio to Be Called EOS

Volkswagen: The Goddess of Dawn. According to Greek mythology, the goddess Eos rose with her chariot from the depths of the sea to bring the people daylight every morning, along with some really soggy croissants — that last part according to Geek mythology. But enough about your mother (zing!). We're talking about… » 8/26/05 10:16am 8/26/05 10:16am