Exclusive: Texas Man Rebuilds $1.5 Million Ferrari Enzo Destroyed By Eddie Griffin

As part of the run-up PR-fest for Redline, a schlock-fest of a movie, actor Eddie Griffin "lost control" ( can someone say "publicity stunt?" ) of a $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo and crashed it in spectacularly excruciating fashion. The car suffered major front end damage and most considered it totaled due to the… »8/11/08 12:40pm8/11/08 12:40pm

Gizmondo Ferrari Enzo Crash Perfectly Recreated In Scale Form

Take the now infamous Stefan Eriksson Ferrari Enzo Crash, an Enzo model kit and a lot of free time and you get this lovingly detailed, expertly recreated and irrepressibly awesome diorama. That it came from Jalopnik reader/commenter HansStuckJr just makes it that much cooler. Photos of the original crash and photos of… »1/31/08 10:45am1/31/08 10:45am