Volvo Hybrid Garbage Truck Proves Hybrids Can't Clean Everything

What's the best thing about garbage trucks? They're loud. At least that's what you think when you're seven. But once you grow into your big-boy pants, that monstrosity slowly lumbering down your street, waking you up at 5AM every Tuesday, gets to be just a tad annoying after a while. Well, now Volvo has a solution, a… »4/09/08 11:20am4/09/08 11:20am

Renault Asks Why Only Movie Stars Get Ecological Cars

Here's another creative ad from Renault that's just as the funny Renault Megane GT commercial, though with less big-bottomed girls on bikes. It involves talking leaves, dancing stars and one bewildered Production Assistant named Willy. Is this what a car commercial directed by Luis Bunuel would look like? Even better,… »3/25/08 10:30am3/25/08 10:30am

Welsh Device Huffs Tailpipe CO2 To Feed Biodiesel-Making Algae

The idea of a little box that can capture most of the carbon dioxide in a car's exhaust and hold it in an easily-extracted inert state sounds plenty appealing, and the Greenbox claims to do just that. Sure, there's a hint of cold-fusion-style nutcasery about it (coal-burning power plants have a helluva time grabbing… »7/23/07 3:40pm7/23/07 3:40pm

Go, Go, Mister Show! Group Wants to Shut Down Chicago Auto Show

Guess we'd better make other plans for this week, lest we run afoul of one pro-bicycle group that aims to shut down the Chicago auto show. The group, recently launched a web parody of the Chicago show's site, on which they provided counterpoint to the show site's content. The group even rebuffed… »2/05/07 10:49am2/05/07 10:49am