SEMA Show: Hyundai's Bitchin' Rides

Hyundai's continuing its tradition of spending beaucoup bucks shoring up its standing among the import tuner crowd here at SEMA. The company rolled out several tuner show cars based on its Azera (pictured), Tiburon, Entourage, Santa Fe, Elantra, and Sonata models. K Daddyz Kustomz turned the Azera into a drop-bodied… » 10/31/06 7:05pm 10/31/06 7:05pm

Chicago Premiere: Hyundai Entourage

Despite that it shares its name with a Buick SUV concept (hello, Jacoby and Myers) and that its unveiling show was accompanied by, quite possibly, the soundtrack from "Hoosiers" (according to Gabe), Hyundai's Entourage minivan broke cover yesterday. Toyota, Honda and Chrysler should check their rear-views for… » 2/09/06 9:14am 2/09/06 9:14am

Hyundai Entourage Minivan Back on the Docket

Remember back in the early '90s when MC Hammer reportedly traveled with an entourage of like 150 people? Those were his salad days of multiplatnum album sales, world tours and pants with enough fabric to sail around Cape Horn. These days, on a slightly lower budget, Hammer may be pleased to hear Hyundai has… » 10/28/05 11:00am 10/28/05 11:00am