This Trailer Has Me Counting The Days Till American Sniper Premiers

American Sniper was one of the best military biographies I've ever read and it really captured the unique perspective of America's most hardened and trained warriors and the complexities of the war in Iraq. Clint Eastwood has adapted the best seller for the silver screen and Bradley Cooper is cast in the leading roll.… » 10/03/14 5:21pm 10/03/14 5:21pm

New Airborne Game Show Hits The Airwaves

Meet "The Game Plane." This new game show was filmed on Allegiant Air flights at cruising altitude earlier this year. It's part quiz show, part game-of-chance, and it all looks very cheesy. Contestants compete for cash and vacation prizes. Take a look at the preview below and decide for yourself. » 9/22/14 10:30am 9/22/14 10:30am

Wireless Entertainment Is Coming To A Plane Near You

Imagine sitting on your flight, and having the choice of hundreds of movies, TV shows, songs and games, right at your fingertips, from your Tablet or smart phone. It's not as far off as you think as Lufthansa announced yesterday it will step into the realm of wireless in flight entertainment. » 3/06/14 12:45pm 3/06/14 12:45pm

Designing Elysium: All The Secrets of Neill Blomkamp's Stark Future

Neill Blomkamp blew our minds with District 9, and now he's back with Elysium. We talked to concept artists and the movie's VFX producer to find out how they imagined a future space station, with the help of legendary designer Syd Mead. Here's our exclusive look inside the design of Neill Blomkamp's Elysium! » 8/08/13 12:33pm 8/08/13 12:33pm

How Can I Make My Commute Suck Less?

Dear Lifehacker,
I have a long commute. Traffic makes it much longer. It's incredibly boring and I'm sitting down for hours, and I heard somewhere (everywhere) that sitting is going to kill me. How can I make my commute suck less? » 9/18/12 1:39pm 9/18/12 1:39pm

IBM Steering Wheel Takes In-Car Entertainment To A New Level

The normally stuffy suits at IBM must've raided the ex-Xerox PARC labs for their latest project, as it's a bit out of left field. IBM is working on a steering wheel that has the ability to read a driver's lips and also serve as a drum machine. It does have some practical uses, as well — as if anything could be more… » 6/18/08 6:40pm 6/18/08 6:40pm

BMW iDrive Is Getting More "Updates"

BMW's unholy technological tour-de-force iDrive continues to get additional impressive features. This time around, iDrive is going super-customizable with unique screensavers, backgrounds, sound effects. Of particular interest, via iDrive users will now be able to make performance tweaks like adjusting engine boost… » 6/03/08 3:40pm 6/03/08 3:40pm

Mazda Dockable Entertainment System Utilizes 7-Year-Old Gameboy

Mazda is very proud to announce its Dockable Entertainment System that will be optional in the 2008 Mazda CX-9. Any kind of an entertainment system with a dock is awesome, except in this case when the docking gadget is the Gameboy Advance. Yes, the Gameboy Advance—technically four generations old—is now supported by… » 2/19/08 4:44pm 2/19/08 4:44pm

CNET Analyzes Automotive Interface Design

If you know me, you know that I preach the gospel of good design quite a bit, especially in regards to an entertainment and infotainment center. The design and functionality of a interface is just as—if not more—important than the features and options included. CNET took a look at 17 interfaces of some of the bigger… » 2/18/08 2:45pm 2/18/08 2:45pm

Shanghai Auto Show: Audi Releases Some Backseat Entertainment Action…

The highly precise folks at Audi have been selling the Audi A6L, the long-wheelbase verion of the A6, in China since 2005. But only now are they using that big ol' backseat for something really special. Today at the Shanghai show, they've announced they'll be unveiling "an innovative entertainment system" that… » 4/19/07 7:31pm 4/19/07 7:31pm

When Jackasses Attack: Bam Margera Exacts Revenge for Lambo Breakdown

During this past year's Gumball 3000 rally, "Jackass" alum, "Viva La Bam" namesake and famous person well into his 16th minute, Bam Margera, had to drop out after his Lamborghini Gallardo suffered a catastrophic tranny meltdown. Bam said the car had been damaged by one of the rally crew (see video after the jump),… » 11/27/06 9:07am 11/27/06 9:07am

Rap Record Car Gossip: Pharrell Says He's Ordered Rolls Phantom Coupe

Maybe he's just gittin' all up in our ears with that raspy shit, but on his latest CD, "In My Mind" rapper Pharrell (aka Pharrell Williams) says he's ordered a Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe. Either that means Rolls is building a production version of the 101ex concept it showed off in Geneva this year, or our grasp on… » 8/14/06 2:17pm 8/14/06 2:17pm