Wagonist Magazine: The Magazine For ワゴニスト!

This right here is the best thing we've seen all day. Granted, the covers seem more oriented toward Japanese-style CUVs (Toyota Alphard, Honda Stepwagon, etc.) than the traditional five-door, but... really? A magazine about wagons? Who's complaining? » 2/03/10 2:00pm 2/03/10 2:00pm

Shanghai Declares War On "Engrish" Road Signs

Shanghai's covered with signs in Engrish, the babblefish approximation of English. City leaders have deputized students to identify these malapropisms before the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. It's called "Operation Make Right Western Language." [Newser, Photo: Kennysia</>] » 8/28/09 4:00pm 8/28/09 4:00pm

The Ten Worst Chinese Car Names

The Shanghai Auto Show started today, bringing with it all sorts of new oddly-named vehicles to match often equally odd looks. Perfect time for this list of the ten worst Chinese car names. » 4/20/09 6:30pm 4/20/09 6:30pm

7.) Huanghai Faster

The Hunghai Faster is another example of a Chinese car with a name that doesn't quite live up to the hype. The only thing it needs to be faster than is the intellectual property lawyers for Pontiac and Lexus, who probably see a lot of their cars in this vehicle. » 4/20/09 6:25pm 4/20/09 6:25pm

3.) Tang Hua Book Of Songs

The Tang Hau Book Of Songs has a peculiar shape outdone only by the vehicle's peculiar name. What is a Book Of Songs? Is it a Hymnal? Does it refer to lyrics? Or is there an actual book full of songs in the... um... trunk.
» 4/20/09 6:25pm 4/20/09 6:25pm

2.) Dongfeng Crazy Soldier

The Dongfeng Crazy Soldier is China's answer to the Hummer. And by "answer" we mean, of course, direct copy. True to its military roots the truck is referred to as the "crazy solider," which we'e been told is meant to be "crazy fearless" not "crazy insane."
» 4/20/09 6:25pm 4/20/09 6:25pm

4.) Geely King Kong

No one has more fun giving vehicles ridiculous names than Geely, and the Geely King Kong is no different. Even though it's essentially a small four-door hatchback, which is nothing like King Kong, it is named after the jungle beast. Also, King Kong is resilient and this little hatch isn't even close.
» 4/20/09 6:25pm 4/20/09 6:25pm

8.) Cherry Eastar

The Chery Eastar takes two classic Western names, Chery and Eastar, and manages to mangle both of them. If we're generous to Cherry we'll say Eastar is not some weird Chinese version of the resurrection and rather a clunky compound of East and Star.
» 4/20/09 6:25pm 4/20/09 6:25pm

6.) Geely PU Rural Nanny

The Geely PU Rural Nanny has both a hilarious mistranslation and a funny acronym. We assume PU stands for "pick up" but we have no assumptions about what Rural Nanny could mean. Is it a babysitter for the Chinese farmer? Is it someone who takes care of pastoral lands?
» 4/20/09 6:25pm 4/20/09 6:25pm

1.) Tang Hau Detroit Fish

Named especially for the Detroit Auto Show, the Tang Hua Detroit Fish is an amphibious crossover vehicle. We're not sure what makes us less comfortable, the thought of driving a Chinese car with giant holes in it into the water or the thought of eating a Detroit Fish... tangy.
» 4/20/09 6:25pm 4/20/09 6:25pm

10.) Geely Beauty Leopard

The Geely Beauty Leopard is doubly misleading because the little coupe is neither quick like an actual Leopard or particularly beautiful. Despite a name most Americans would find slightly effeminate, the Beauty Leopard is a hit in China.
» 4/20/09 6:25pm 4/20/09 6:25pm

5.) Trifun Trike

You could try to have fun with this curiously-named Chinese three-wheeler, but you'd almost certainly fail. The makers of this vehicle are hoping to import them to the US, where the combination of push-button exhaust and 80 horsepower is sure to find a super happy audience. Even better, it tastes like lead.
» 4/20/09 5:55pm 4/20/09 5:55pm

Detroit Auto Show: Changfeng Legion "steps on Detroit Auto Show for the…

Oh boy, if you thought last year's press conference for Changfeng was filled with the hilarious Engrish, you ain't seen nothing yet. True, last year's presser — the first at the Detroit Auto Show from the Chinese automaker — was filled with all sorts of glorious revolutionary language (our fave is still when the… » 1/14/08 3:40pm 1/14/08 3:40pm

Korea To Get Engrish-Version "Corvetts?"

We're assuming this is some kind of odd translation error or perhaps the short distance between the "s" and the "e" keys, and doesn't actually signal a change in naming convention for the Korean market. Or, maybe it's just a Freudian slip of some sort about this? Yeah, we didn't really think so either. On the other… » 2/22/07 8:22am 2/22/07 8:22am