This Guy Built a Toll Road Just To Avoid Construction Delays

When life hands you landslides, make your own private toll road detour. (Haven't you heard the saying?) Since February, a landslide has closed the A431 highway between Bristol and Bath in England, adding an extra hour to the commute. So one enterprising local guy built a road through a private field—the UK's private… »8/05/14 6:30pm8/05/14 6:30pm

​How The Brits Are Using Fighter Jets To Help With Flood Relief

As storms over the past few weeks battered already-soggy southern England, rivers burst their banks and floodwaters began to rise. At least two people have been killed by the wind, water, and waves, so the British military decided it needed to do something. Specifically, it needed to bring in the Royal Air Force. »2/24/14 3:00pm2/24/14 3:00pm

What Happens When F1 Car Designers Build Architectural Models

Gizmodo EIC Geoff Manaugh and U.K. architects Smout Allen tapped an unlikely source to help create their new exhibition in London: Williams F1. But, in this case, the engineers at Williams weren't building the advanced race cars they're well-known for—they were 3D-printing the parts for an intricate model of an… »11/20/13 5:50pm11/20/13 5:50pm