Being inside a Porsche engine factory is like being inside a Transformer

This video is fascinating because it let's us pretend to be a fly on the wall of a Porsche 911 engine assembly line. There's no annoying soundtrack, no voiceover explaining what's happening, we're just seeing humans and machines teaming up to create beautiful, powerful engines that purr the best cars. » 12/24/14 4:19pm 12/24/14 4:19pm

Listen To 10 (TEN!!!!!!!!!!) McLaren P1s Boom Around A Race Track

It is my personal, and very much highly very extremely mostly professional opinion that the McLaren P1's turbo hybrid V8 is one of, if not the best-sounding engines on sale today. So here's ten of them – yes, TEN – storming around a race track all at once. Turn them speakers all the way up. » 10/06/14 2:27pm 10/06/14 2:27pm

The Worst Gas Engines at Producing Power Ever (updated)

I was watching the Top Gear special on "The Worst Car in The World" from 2012, when I heard something a bit shocking: a 7 liter V-8 producing barely 200 horses. James and Jeremy are comparing two land yachts from the seventies, a Buick LeSabre and a Lincoln Continental. James' Buick has a 5.7 liter V-8 good for 160… » 9/14/14 4:35pm 9/14/14 4:35pm

These Charts Show How Much Better Engines Are Today

We all know that engines have been steadily improving for years. I mean, they better, right? What with all the researchers poking at them in their development cages and whatnot. But it's easy to forget just how much better they are until you see them in context with their ancestors. Which is exactly what we're trying… » 10/11/13 3:07pm 10/11/13 3:07pm

Volvo's Supercharged Turbocharged Engine Makes You Forget About The T6

It's sometimes hard to understand why automakers announce engines before it's put into whatever new model it's intended for. Since many new engines are put into facelifted versions of older models, it's kind of like saying, "Don't buy this car yet, because it's about to get more powerful and more fuel efficient." » 8/18/13 3:00pm 8/18/13 3:00pm

It's Okay To Be A Bit Terrified Of This Engine Puppet

As all of you probably know, it's World Puppetry Day. Who am I kidding? Of course you knew. I'm probably interrupting you getting ready for some big local puppetry event as we speak. My apologies. I just thought, in honor of the day, you should see these pictures of a creepy-but-very-well-done car engine puppet. » 3/21/13 4:16pm 3/21/13 4:16pm