Expect The F1 Mexican Grand Prix To Be Brutal On Engines

Everyone knows that rubber likes to stick to more rubber, and a brand new circuit like the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez is going to be slippery fun until some rubber gets laid down on the surface. What’s less obvious is the Mexican Grand Prix’s altitude — and what that means for Formula One’s turbo engines.
»11/01/15 1:57pm11/01/15 1:57pm

Watch a humongous hungry machine crush and swallow engine blocks

Here’s the Hammel Red Giant Car Shredder tasting a few engine block appetizers before the beast machine moves on to swallowing whole cars. It’s fun seeing the direct view of the evil Transformer-sized machine at work, the teeth just roll together and grind away at any and every thing that gets thrown in. »7/09/15 12:29am7/09/15 12:29am

Looks Like Mercedes' Inline-Six Revival Will Come With Lots Of Turbos

Engine geeks everywhere mourn the decline of the inline-six engine and its inherent smoothness and sweet sound. Once a remarkably common setup, it’s been largely replaced by the more packaging-friendly V6. But now it seems that those rumors about a Mercedes-Benz inline-six revival appear to be true. »3/23/15 9:56am3/23/15 9:56am

Being inside a Porsche engine factory is like being inside a Transformer

This video is fascinating because it let's us pretend to be a fly on the wall of a Porsche 911 engine assembly line. There's no annoying soundtrack, no voiceover explaining what's happening, we're just seeing humans and machines teaming up to create beautiful, powerful engines that purr the best cars. »12/24/14 4:19pm12/24/14 4:19pm

The Worst Gas Engines at Producing Power Ever (updated)

I was watching the Top Gear special on "The Worst Car in The World" from 2012, when I heard something a bit shocking: a 7 liter V-8 producing barely 200 horses. James and Jeremy are comparing two land yachts from the seventies, a Buick LeSabre and a Lincoln Continental. James' Buick has a 5.7 liter V-8 good for 160… »9/14/14 4:35pm9/14/14 4:35pm