Engine Swap of the Day: Turbine-Powered Charger!

Sweden, the home of sensible, safe stuff like IKEA, Volvo, and ABBA. Oh yes, and the Turbine Charger, a '72 Dodge Charger equipped with a 500 horsepower Caterpillar 553-2-1 turbine engine. We figure those long winter nights and cheap akvavit must have something to do with this project, which doesn't seem to be… » 11/30/07 2:30pm 11/30/07 2:30pm

Engine Swap of the Day: Tatra and Audi V8s In Škoda Felicia

I've been making inquiries of our Czech friend BobAsh about the possibility of obtaining a Tatra V8 and transaxle from his homeland, thinking it might be fun to do a Tatra-engined VW Squareback as my personal Hell Project. He suggested I check out what some Czech madman did with a late-50s Škoda Felicia: first, a… » 11/13/07 12:45pm 11/13/07 12:45pm

Engine Swap of the Day: Fiat DOHC Into a Lada 2101

Say you're a young hoon in a former Iron Curtain nation chock full of old Russian cars, and you want to do a low-buck engine upgrade. What to do? Well, one easy route is to start with an old rear-wheel-drive Lada and then stuff a readily-available Fiat Twin-Cam engine in it. Since the Lada is based on the Fiat 124,… » 11/09/07 1:30pm 11/09/07 1:30pm

Engine Swap of the Day: Lightning-Engined Crown Vic

Now that we've seen a couple of Ford Crown Victorias getting into the 13s with a little nitrous oxide assistance, how about a 2000 civilian-spec Vic with the supercharged Triton 5.4 out of the Ford Lightning truck? Oh yes, and don't forget the Tremec 5-speed and 4.10 rear gears. Make the jump to see some burnout… » 11/02/07 4:00pm 11/02/07 4:00pm