The Best Engine Swaps

Swapping your car's engine with something better can create a very pleasant Frankenstein. Like this Beetle with an Alfa Romeo flat-four. It's politically incorrect, but still very cool. » 9/02/13 2:00pm 9/02/13 2:00pm

The Best Cars To Put Motorcycle Engines In

No matter if it is a cheap and cheerful econobox or a shiny and pricey Ariel Atom V8, light cars can get a lot out of high-revving motorcycle engines. » 2/14/13 5:36pm 2/14/13 5:36pm

The Traburg Is On An East German Mission From God

When it comes to the question of tuning communist cars, creativity quickly becomes the most important quality of the engineering team. Even it that only consists of a few buddies with hammers and beers in their hands. Sure, you can always bring a classic Lada's engine up to 160+ horses with a limited slip… » 2/06/13 5:20pm 2/06/13 5:20pm

Pair Of Mini SUVs With V8 Swaps Are An Odd Find

Perhaps the only thing stranger than dropping a small block Chevy in an relatively unloved mini-SUV is the fact that more than one person has done it. » 5/05/12 9:00am 5/05/12 9:00am

1981 Mercedes 300TD has a V8 secret under the hood

What do you do when the trusty 5 cylinder diesel in your 1981 Mercedes 300TD finally requires a replacement? While most people would probably find another Mercedes diesel and enjoy several hundred thousand more miles of relatively trouble free driving, the builder of this unique Benz had an entirely different idea. » 1/22/12 11:00am 1/22/12 11:00am

You Put What, Where?

Ever the fans of a good engine swap, we couldn't help but admire the work behind this one. Can you identify the motor and the vehicle? Click "More" for the answer. » 10/12/10 2:30pm 10/12/10 2:30pm

Out With The Bad Engine...

After getting my Project Van Hell '66 Dodge A100 last weekend, I was a bit apprehensive about removing its rod-knockitty engine through the doors. I've done plenty of engine swaps, but never out of a mid-engined van. No problem! » 9/25/10 1:00pm 9/25/10 1:00pm

1966 Dodge Sportsman Hell Project Begins: Hide The Metric Tools!

With some help from Rambler Marlin-racin' Cadillac Bob and his trailer, my latest Hell Project has now arrived in the garage. Once I started taking stuff apart, I got a vivid reminder of how incredibly uncomplicated Detroit trucks once were. » 9/18/10 11:00am 9/18/10 11:00am

What's The Best Engine For This Autobianchi Bianchina Hell Project?

First of all, I know most of you are already yelling "HAYABUSA," but that's what everyone says when they see this car. We need more creative engine-swap suggestions for this fine Italian thoroughbred. » 9/11/10 6:00pm 9/11/10 6:00pm

Project Car Hell, No Choice At All Edition: Toronado-Powered Austin…

Welcome to Project Car Hell, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! In Hell, you have no choices, so this lysergic Olds Toronado-Austin Princess mashup will be your eternity! » 9/05/10 12:00pm 9/05/10 12:00pm

How Not To Swap An Engine

"Hey bro, engine hoists are for loser V8s. The Honda Civic's engine is so light, it floats right out of the car if you unbolt it. Seriously. I read it online." - A Moron. » 8/09/10 5:15pm 8/09/10 5:15pm

That License Plate Is Just Too Heavy! Weight Weenies Hack Away At…

Last time we checked on on Dave Coleman and his Hayabusa-powered Miata project, the Miatabusa Madmen had their new engine installed. Were they satisfied with the 161-pound weight savings? Not at all! » 8/07/10 5:00pm 8/07/10 5:00pm

And the Real Winner Is...

When a LeMons team races a '61 Cadillac, then runs a '63 Ford Thunderbird at, drops a BMW V12 into the car and races it, then stuffs a BMW turbodiesel in it and races that... well, IOE glory will come! » 7/25/10 11:40pm 7/25/10 11:40pm

Engine Swap of the Day: BMW M21 Turbodiesel Into 1963 Ford Thunderbird!

You probably remember the Police Brutality BMW M70 V12-Powered '63 Thunderbird, which suffered from some teething problems on the track. If so, you'll be pleased to know that it now sports reliable German diesel power! » 7/25/10 1:00pm 7/25/10 1:00pm

Nearly The Engine Swap Of The Day: Saab Turbo B Into Nissan 300ZX!

Dropping an L28ET yanked from a Datsun 280ZX Turbo into a third-gen Firebird and racing the result was a good idea, which makes today's swap a great idea! » 7/25/10 11:00am 7/25/10 11:00am

Storybook Ending Eludes Datsun 280ZX-Engined Firebird

We were hoping— without much basis in anything resembling reality— that the L28ET-powered 3rd-gen Firebird would utterly dominate this weekend's LeMons race. Sadly, a roaring engine fire ended the aptly named FireKats' run at a major trophy. » 7/11/10 9:45pm 7/11/10 9:45pm

Rocket Surgery Renault 4CV Finally Hits The Track, Looks Great

When a team decides to build a 1956 Renault 4CV race car with mid-mounted VW Fox engine and BMW 1800 suspension, for 500 bucks... well, sometimes such an ambitious project isn't quite ready when the green flag waves. » 7/10/10 8:30pm 7/10/10 8:30pm

Project Miatabusa: One Step Closer To 13,000 RPM Miata Madness

The reason that the Angry Hamsters don't have room for the supercharged Studebaker Lark at their shop is a really good one: there's a Hayabusa-powered Mazda Miata in the works! » 7/10/10 1:00pm 7/10/10 1:00pm

Engine Swap Heroes: Datsun 280ZX Turbo Engine In Pontiac Firebird!

The small-block Chevrolet engine has proven to be one of the least reliable engines in 24 Hours of LeMons racing, but there's one that's even worse: the Nissan L28. Some teams see that as a challenge! » 7/10/10 2:00am 7/10/10 2:00am