This 1833 Letter Is The Very First Instance Of Calling Bullshit On An Automaker

It's almost reassuring to know that since the absolute earliest days of human motorized travel, there have been people writing about cars, and people calling bullshit on what's written about cars. These exchanges should seem incredibly familiar to most of our readers even if they happened nearly 200 years ago. The… »3/20/13 2:00pm

The First Automobile Of Any Type Was Built By This Flemish Priest In China

The pre-history of automobiles is really pretty murky. As much as Mercedes-Benz likes to claim the invention of the motor car, the truth is much more complicated, with many different inventors adding parts to what eventually became the car. Most people would point to Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot's 1769/1771 artillery… »3/11/13 2:00pm