Ford To Offer Employee Pricing Plus 0% Financing In Desperate Attempt To Sell Cars

Ford's loss of $129 million last quarter » 11/18/08 1:30pm 11/18/08 1:30pm and sinking consumer demand have encouraged the company to combine employee pricing with 0% financing on nine models. So Toyota buyers won't be the only ones . What's the catch? Zero-percent financing is only available on the company's nine most fuel-efficient vehicles. But…

Deeper, Dr. Z, Deeper! Chrysler Sweetens The Incentives Pot For Employees

Seems employees of the Auburn Hills end of DaimlerChrysler are feeling a bit miffed they're merely getting the same deal as the rest of the public on the cars they help build. Lucky for them, Dr. Z must have heard their pleas (potentially through the Ask site) and now the German-American hybrid is offering an… » 7/26/06 9:54am 7/26/06 9:54am

Summer Sales Fever: You Get An Employee Discount, And You Get An Employee Discount, And You...!

As month-end quickly approaches, US auto execs are getting copies of their double-super-secret internal sales numbers — which probably explains why we've been seeing so many of their faces turning whiter than snow despite the hot June sun. Our insiders tell us they can already see the sales declines — and the fear of… » 6/23/06 11:41am 6/23/06 11:41am

Benficiaries of Employee Pricing Actually Prefer Exclusion

Man, did we ever see this coming. While brand erosion's been a problem for American automakers since the 1970s, their latest bout with employee pricing caused all three of the Big Two-and-a-Half to take a hit in the cred department, according to a survey by badly-branded brand researcher Branddimensions. The issues… » 10/18/05 10:37am 10/18/05 10:37am