How Volkswagen Could Have Gotten Away With It

By now the full gravity of Volkswagen’s cheating the EPA’s emissions testing systems is out in the open, and while, sure, I’m appalled and disappointed, a perverse part of me is also kind of impressed. It’s a pretty clever cheat! But like all cheaters, VW got caught because they got lazy. I think I know how they could… »9/24/15 12:50pm9/24/15 12:50pm

German Magazine Claims The BMW X3 Diesel Also Violates European Emissions Limits: UPDATED

The German trade magazine Auto Bild reports that road tests conducted by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) found the diesel BMW X3 20d Xdrive guilty of emitting more than eleven times more NOx gases than the limits of Euro 6, Europe’s latest diesel engine emission legislations. Oh boy. »9/24/15 9:03am9/24/15 9:03am

Watchdog Group Says Other Car Companies Are Cheating On Emissions All The Time

Volkswagen admitted to cheating on emissions tests with 11 million TDI engines worldwide, but are they alone in this? That’s what regulators and NGOs around the globe are trying to figure out at the moment, and at least one European group fears BMW, Mercedes and General Motors are doing the same kind of thing. »9/23/15 2:24pm9/23/15 2:24pm

Self-Driving Taxis "Could Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 90%"


If you can stomach the thought of handing over control of your hotrod to a computer, you may end up doing a significant part towards ensuring the future environmental stability of this planet. According to a new report from Berkeley Lab researchers, a wholesale switch to self-driving electric vehicles could cut… »7/09/15 9:39am7/09/15 9:39am

Just 25 Percent Of Cars Cause 90 Percent Of Automotive Pollution

Modern cars are vastly cleaner, emission-wise, than they ever have been. I don’t even think they work well for in-garage suicides anymore. There’s still plenty of pollution, though a new study from the University of Toronto has found that 90 percent of automotive pollution is coming from only 25 percent of cars. »5/08/15 9:40am5/08/15 9:40am

One Charbroiled Burger Pollutes As Much As An 18-Wheeler Driving 143 Miles Says Study

Quick, which is worse for the environment: driving a massive, exhaust-belching diesel-sucking big rig 100 miles or walking down the street in hemp sandals, bamboo shorts and a reclaimed burlap poncho to a locally-owned restaurant, and ordering a grass-fed, locally-farmed angus beef hamburger? »9/19/12 4:00pm9/19/12 4:00pm