Check Out This Insane Star Wars Shot Of An Emirates 777

The ultra-creative folks over at Wolfe Air have innovated aerial cinematography once again with their recent shoot for the airline Emirates. The crazy footage of the 777 below was captured raw with an iPhone from the cockpit of Wolfe Air’s modified Learjet, but the actual shot will be in super high definition.
»10/30/15 9:08am10/30/15 9:08am


Here's A New Angle On An Airbus A380 Landing In A Crosswind

Two weeks ago, Flight Club brought you video of an Emirates Airbus A380 landing in a crosswind in Düsseldorf, Germany. Now we’ve got another Emirates A380 landing at the same airport, but this time filmed from the rear. Watch how much that enormous rudder pivots to align the massive jet with the runway. »10/05/15 4:55pm10/05/15 4:55pm

Watch The World's Largest Airliner Land In A Crosswind 

Conditions in Düsseldorf, Germany (DUS) were windy and wet over the weekend, making for a crazy-looking maneuver as this Emirates Airbus A380 (the world’s largest passenger airliner) returned to terra firma. Watching the giant aircraft’s weight transfer to its wheels somehow actually makes the superjumbo appear small. »9/21/15 7:30pm9/21/15 7:30pm

Delta Halts Shipping Wildlife Trophies In Response To Lion Slaying

You might’ve heard of Walter Palmer, who is both a dentist from Minnesota and an asshole. Instead of using the $50,000 he had burning a hole in his pocket to do something useful for the world, last month Palmer decided to kill a beloved lion in Zimbabwe named Cecil. Now, in response to global outrage over the slaying,… »8/04/15 2:09pm8/04/15 2:09pm

Let This Amazing Dubai Airport Time Lapse Blow Your Mind 

Prominent urban filmmaker Rob Whitworth has created the hyperlapse to end all hyperlapses by taking the idea to the next level. The journey begins high over the colorful city from the flight deck of the world's largest airliner. Dubai Flow Motion is a mesmerizing tour of one of the most unique cityscapes in the world. »3/11/15 5:23pm3/11/15 5:23pm

Missile Defense On Planes? Congress Says Yes, Airlines Say No

After the tragic take-down of a Malaysia Airlines flight 17 on Thursday by a surface to air missile, some members of congress have already suggested the implementation of missile defense systems on commercial airliners. However, at least one airline executive has already balked at the notion. »7/21/14 8:44am7/21/14 8:44am