The Longest-Running YouTube Show You've Never Heard Of

In 2004 Russell Datz, Fred Seibert and Emil Rensing produced a one-minute car news show starring Danica Patrick for the newly-launched Spike TV. Now called Fast Lane Daily, at 1000 episodes today, it's the second longest-running YouTube show ever. » 12/20/10 9:30am 12/20/10 9:30am

Herr Roy Goes to E-Town

During Alex Roy's long association with Jalopnik, we've come to regard his M5 as something of a piece of folk art; a snot-beat, pricey machine that's likely done more of what it was designed to do than just about any other E39 built. Herr Roy, of course, is a showman, and while his steed of choice is generally… » 7/25/07 3:20pm 7/25/07 3:20pm

Most Precise Website Ever

We have a feeling that Emil Rensing may behind this. And seeing as he and his wife Keri own an RS4, a Neun Elf and one of those good-for-nothing half-breed Gallardo SEs (the baby Lambo's precision is sullied by what the Italians refer to as "passion," but true believers in the power of wafer-sliced-micron-thin… » 9/29/06 5:45pm 9/29/06 5:45pm

It's Over! Bullrun '06 Wrap-Up

So while some of you have expressed displeasure with our extensive Bullrun coverage, some of y'all have enjoyed it and some have reacted with indifference, we have to say that our own abbreviated sojurn as a mini Sal Paradise to the distaff Dean Moriartys of Keri Rensing and Jennifer Nicole was an experience we'll… » 8/03/06 5:30pm 8/03/06 5:30pm

Bullrun '06: Fontucky to Beverly Hills

The rally was originally supposed to end at The Grove, one of the tonier open-air shopping areas in Los Angeles. However, at the last minute, mall authorities reneged on the deal, as they'd been doing some research on the Internets and decided that the Bullrun wasn't a "family-friendly" event. During the drivers'… » 8/01/06 3:30pm 8/01/06 3:30pm

Polizei On My Back: Bullrun Finale Party Verit

Generally, one does not fuck with the Polizei. In this case, we are making an exception. Even German precision can be fouled, as was proven with the ailing front differential in the Los Matadors' Lamborghini Gallardo SE. It can be argued that without an infusion of German precision, the Lambo would never have made… » 7/31/06 5:00am 7/31/06 5:00am

When We Wind Up in the Hay, It's Only Hay, Hey Hey! Bullrun Embeds a…

On our first evening on the Bullrun, Murphy was in full effect — at least as far as technology went. The power port on our iBook decided it was no longer going to do its job. So we resigned ourselves to kicking it Colt Seavers-style; watching a documentary on Wayne Newton while smoking cigarettes in our in-room… » 7/30/06 5:00pm 7/30/06 5:00pm