700HP, Turbocharged, Supercharged Wide-Body Lotus Exige. Any Questions?

Hey you, insane person, here's your car. It's a turbocharged, supercharged and intercooled Lotus Exige with a claimed 550HP 700HP (!), a wide-body kit, fully race-prepped interior and weighing 2,150 lbs. The best part? It's for sale. Updated. » 6/03/10 3:30pm 6/03/10 3:30pm

Ferrari Elise Looks Suspicious

Ferrari is jumping on the Lotus-based ridiculous cars bandwagon alongside Dodge and Tesla. But Instead of electricity, this "Ferrari "Elise is electric blue, features electrical tape racing stripes, and comes with an electrifying stare. » 5/26/09 1:00pm 5/26/09 1:00pm