Do You Think You Can Drive Better Than ESC?

Most people who love to drive and have something sportier than a Ford Taurus love to make a point of switching off the electronic nanny, whether in the guise of old-fashioned ESC or the form of some other acronym. And, while this may be appropriate if you're about to do a burnout or you're in the middle of a spin-out… » 9/02/08 11:40am 9/02/08 11:40am

Mrs. Doubtfire Moves in: Ford to Make Stability Control Standard in 2009

Although FoMoCo already has Electronic Stability Control (ESC) standard on all Ford mid- and full-size SUV's, and they've got ESC standard in all small SUVs and all CUVs in 2007 — they're taking things one step further by expanding the go-straight technology to every Ford, Lincoln and Mercury small car and truck by… » 9/13/06 10:20am 9/13/06 10:20am