​White House Wants To Boost Electric Vehicle Tax Incentives To $10,000

The White House is looking to hike the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's defect investigation budget after automakers doubled the previous recall record last year with almost 64 million vehicles. But it also wants to get EV incentives up, which has about as much chance as Fiat making a dime on the 500E. »2/06/15 4:00pm2/06/15 4:00pm

Nissan NuVu Concept, Live And In The Bubbly, Micra-Like Metallic Skin

We just caught the Nissan NuVu »10/02/08 10:20am10/02/08 10:20am, a concept that, as we said , is meant to reveal the next generation styling of the next Nissan Micra. Frankly, the concept's as cute as its name (a play on words meaning "New View" as in "a new view on the Micra"). The interior is just as bubbly as the exterior, with the "2+1 seating…

Quantya Strada, First Drive: The Street-Legal Electric Performance Vehicle You Can Buy Now

It wasn't until I crashed into a pile of boxes and luggage that I realized riding a motorcycle - even a completely silent electric one with no emissions - around my Brooklyn apartment was a bad idea. I'd been attempting to do a burnout, but the painted concrete floor didn't have enough grip for the Quantya Strada »9/24/08 1:30pm9/24/08 1:30pm's…

Ex-Intel Chief Andy Grove Using Electric Cars To Achieve Relevance

Andy Grove, retired CEO of chipmaker Intel, apparently has grown bored of sailing the South Pacific and decided to insert himself into the debate over the future of transportation. A proponent of electric vehicles, Grove wrote, "The beauty of electric power is its ability to be produced through multiple sources...and… »7/02/08 9:20am7/02/08 9:20am