Sam's Club Offering $100k Electric Sports Car From Hybrid Technologies

Make room in the shopping cart next to the family-sized toilet paper and ten-gallon jug of industrial apple juice, as Sam's Club is now selling a new all-electric sports car from Hybrid Technologies for the bargain price of just $100,000. Hybrid Technologies, if you remember, builds lithium battery-powered versions of… »11/03/08 10:30am

Venturi Volage Concept Debuts At Paris Auto Show, Sets Standard For Electric Car Wackiness

Venturi has debuted an all-new concept here at the 2008 Paris Motor Show »10/03/08 7:25am: the Venturi Volage. The Volage takes the electric sports car concept and really runs with it — the all carbon-fiber car is equipped with the first application we've seen of the Michelin Active Wheel, the compact unit using in-wheel electric…

700HP Lightning GT Electric Sports Car Goes 200 Miles On 10 Minute Charge

With an electric motor at each wheel, the UK-built Lightning GT, unveiled yesterday at the British Motor Show, is said to produce a total of 700 HP. According to the company, the Lightning's nanotechnology battery pack will provide a 200-mile range on a ten-minute charge. Those are mighty big numbers to be throwing… »7/23/08 10:59am