Pioneering Electric Motorcycle Company Mission Motorcycles Files For Bankruptcy 

Electric motorcycles are supposed to be a huge part of the future of motorcycling, and Mission Motorcycles was at the forefront of the technology development and performance achievement... until they filed for bankruptcy this past week. Hopefully none of you guys had a deposit down. »9/14/15 10:29am9/14/15 10:29am

Brammo's Electric Motorcycle Is Now The $19,999 Victory Empulse TT

You remember Brammo, right? The small Oregon-based maker of electric sportbikes got bought by Polaris this year and absorbed into its Victory Motorcycles brand. The good news is that the Brammo Empulse, a bike we once called “the future of hoonage,” is back under the Victory banner. »7/29/15 7:00pm7/29/15 7:00pm

Project LiveWire Is Harley-Davidson's First Electric Motorcycle

Will Harley-Davidson riders really warm up to the concept of an electric motorcycle? Harley's bikes are about as old-school (and just plain old) as you get, and that's how its customers like it. But now Harley wants to know what the faithful would expect from an electric bike. That's what this motorcycle is for. »6/19/14 8:36am6/19/14 8:36am