All-Electric Mini E Gets One Year Lease Priced At $820 Per Month

According to Luxevelocity »11/06/08 3:40pm11/06/08 3:40pm, the new and very limited production all-electric will be offered up to interested customers with a one year lease at a monthly price of $820, but that's not all. To qualify for the lease you have to have a garage of some sort with a locking door and be able to supply a high-voltage hookup…

BMW To Build 500 Electric Minis To Combat Californian Smog With Smug

Automotive News is reporting that exactly 500 electric Minis will be built for California, with 490 to be sold to celbutards the public and 10 to be reserved as show cars. It's part of BMWs attempt to meet California's new requirement for all automakers to offer zero-emissions vehicles. No word yet on specs or pricing. »7/10/08 7:00am7/10/08 7:00am