​I'm Incredibly Afraid Of This 218 MPH Electric Bike

There's a difference between building a motorcycle in your shed and bringing an electric hyper-bike to market. Lighting is somewhere in between. They've got racing victories and investment and what seems like solid tech, but there's still a "guy in a garage" vibe that doesn't mesh with my survival instincts at 200… »5/22/14 2:00pm5/22/14 2:00pm


University of Washington Charged Up About Electric Bikes

They may not get far when it comes to football, but the Huskies will be able to travel at least 25 miles on small electric bikes provided by the school. The University of Washington has partnered with a company calledIntrago to provide approximately 40 electric bikes at four charging stations around campus for faculty… »11/27/07 9:30am11/27/07 9:30am