Skew Yourselves: Nate Silver Is Here To Answer Your Questions

Nate Silver—the baseball analyst/metapollster/scary math witch who has given us both the PECOTA player forecasting system and the indispensable FiveThirtyEight blog—is in the discussion below, awaiting your questions. Go buy his book, The Signal and the Noise. We predict that you'll like it. » 11/14/12 1:58pm 11/14/12 1:58pm

How To Watch The Election Results If You're A Gearhead

Apparently, there's some sort of election happening in the US tonight— I want to say a bond referendum thing? Maybe something more? News to me. » 11/06/12 6:52pm 11/06/12 6:52pm

This Picture Of Paul Ryan Was What Joe Biden Was Really Maniacally…

Biden laughed his way through the VP debate last night, but he wasn't cracking up at the Republican agenda or stoned off his gourd. It was this picture of Ryan in a tiny car. » 10/12/12 1:20pm 10/12/12 1:20pm

U-Haul Truck Carrying Joe Biden's Gear Stolen In Detroit

A U-Haul truck carrying Vice President Joe Biden's campaign equipment was stolen late Saturday night from a Westin Hotel's parking lot in Detroit. Ed Donovan, a Secret Service spokesman, confirmed the theft. » 9/03/12 10:59am 9/03/12 10:59am