1980 Cadillac Eldamino: For When Your Brat Just Isn't Classy Enough

We've got the deal of the century for you, assuming you are in the market for a car-truck based on a FWD, V8-powered luxury car of the 80's. It's the Cadillac Eldamino and it's got everything an up-and-coming dealer needs: mag wheels, tonneau truck cover, fake Q-beams, 350 c.i. Olds V8 and XM Radio (unless that… »3/10/08 10:40am3/10/08 10:40am

Last of the Line: Bicentennial Edition Cadillac Eldorado

Just a year after the Fall of Saigon and two after Nixon's resignation, the year of the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence wasn't exactly the high point of American automotive pride. 20% inflation thinned car purchasers' wallets, horsepower ratings were miserable, and huge bumpers uglified just… »7/04/07 3:00pm7/04/07 3:00pm

It's Hard Out Here for an Old School Pimp: The Corvorado

Considering the changing tastes of independent entertainment contractors, pimps of the '70s make today's pimps look like Martha Stewart Living: Rollin' Dirty Edition. Check out customizer Les Dunham's Corvorado, circa 1973. Sure, it looked like an Eldo, but it was a Corvette modified with Cadillac parts. Arguably the… »8/03/06 12:53pm8/03/06 12:53pm