PCH, Vintage Racing Hell Edition: 1964 Lotus Elan or 1960 Lancia Flaminia?

Was it fair to pit a stock Mercury Lynx against a Chevette diesel-powered RX-7 in yesterday's Diesel Dilemma Edition Choose Your Eternity poll? Probably not, as the diesel Mazda pounded the daylights out of the badge-engineered Escort. Today we're going to move away from cars that you might consider using as everyday… »5/21/08 5:20pm5/21/08 5:20pm

Welcome To Burnaby, Where The Europas And Beats Roam Free

We saw the Chuck D-centric Olds 98 in Toronto a couple weeks back, and now the Canadian contingent is back with a whole bunch of seriously rare machines for our enjoyment. Donkeyassman has spotted a Lotus Europa, Lotus Elan, Chevy Chevelle, Mazda Eunos, and a pair of Honda Beats in the city of Burnaby, B.C. So put on… »4/29/08 3:00pm4/29/08 3:00pm

Lotus Remembers The Good Times With Lotus Exige Sprint

In our discussion of the all-time greatest liveries there were a lot of mentions of famous Lotus paint schemes (BRG & Yellow, Team Essex Blue & Red, JPS Black & Gold), but the Elan Sprint of the early 1970s didn't get a mention. This was an oversight on our part, because this limited run Elan was sprinting to 60 mph… »1/23/08 11:00am1/23/08 11:00am