Ekranoplan Landings, Terrifying Concept For Reusable Space Flight

We have an occasional obsession with Soviet-era ekranoplans, the half-plane, half-hovercraft madness machines which take advantage of the ground effect, a phenomenon which provides for high lift at low altitudes. We've meandered across all manner of ekranoplan, from the massive Caspian Sea Monster »9/05/08 3:40pm9/05/08 3:40pm to 's vision of an…

Give the People What They Want: Ekranoplans For All!

We have to say, when it comes to Soviet military hardware, we've got what most would consider more than a passing familiarity, given our childhood obsession with books on WWII-present planes, boats, tanks and other various and sundry killng machines, not to mention a pubescent summer spent devouring the Tom Clancy… »5/24/07 7:45pm5/24/07 7:45pm