Report: Mercedes Seeks Supplier for Eight-Speed Manumatic

According to German mag Auto Motor und Sport Mercedes is looking toward suppliers to provide a new eight-speed, dual-clutch gearbox rather than build such clockworks in house. The move would give Merc a performance differentiator against Lexus and BMW, who are pursuing fully automatic eightswappers. According to the… » 8/31/07 9:00am 8/31/07 9:00am

Eight! With Coming ZF Box, BMW Will Match Lexus

The great cog war of the 2010s may involve cars with as many gears as our first Schwinn. But let's not get ahead of ourselves — we're still on eight. Last year, Toyota broke the seven-speed threshold with an eight box for its Lexus models. Now, BMW will soon be offering a new eight-speed automatic transmission —… » 2/05/07 9:56am 2/05/07 9:56am

Rolling Boxcars: Toyota's Race for the Eight-Speed

Not since the bicycle-gear wars of the 1970s got neighborhood kids to embrace the "second lever" for downhill runs has the race for more gears been as intense as it is now. Toyota confirmed to be working on an eight-speed transmission with Aisin, a powertrain supplier. The company didn't give a timeline for the first… » 10/18/05 7:07pm 10/18/05 7:07pm