1934 Ford Model 40 Speedster Sells for $1.76 Million

We all know the name "Edsel" as the moniker attached to that most ox-harness-faced brand which Ford launched to failure in the mid fifties. It was of course also the name of Henry Ford's only son, a son whose tastes were a fair bit more extravagant than his fathers and shows in this '34 Ford Model 40 Speedster. After a… » 4/07/08 1:00pm 4/07/08 1:00pm

Take Henry, Add Edsel and SUPER AGRICULTURAL POTENTIAL! It's Fordson!

Back in high school, our photo teacher lived on a farm and swore by Ford tractors. Nothing else would do. Not Case, not Massey-Ferguson, not International Harvester, not John Deere. It had to be a Ford. And the genesis of the Ford tractor was the Fordson, the product of an intially-independent outfit set up by Henry… » 12/21/06 8:30am 12/21/06 8:30am