Koenigsegg CCXR Edition: Tripping the Light Fantastic

Remember the Christopher Walken skit on Saturday Night Live where the inveterate creepy guy continues asking Will Ferrell for more cowbell? Well the Koenigsegg CCXR Edition needs more carbon fiber. The rebodied CCX is positively rotten with the stuff and the twin turbocharged, E85 sipping 1018 HP heart makes us almost… » 3/06/08 6:00am 3/06/08 6:00am

Rolls Royce Phantom Tungsten Edition

For those who think the base model Phantom is only for poor people and dermatologists, Rolls Royce is issuing a few Tungsten Edition Phantoms to each of the continents. The name comes from the special Xiralic Darket Tungsten paint treatment the car gets, which would have looked great on our old 300D. What will really… » 11/30/07 9:45am 11/30/07 9:45am