Hologram Thomas Edison To Chat With Bob Lutz About Electric Trucks And Possibly Try And Kill Him

In a move that will in no way come off as creepy, awkward, or stupid at all, VIA Motors' press conference tomorrow will feature ex-GM frontman Bob Lutz having a conversation with a reanimated Thomas Edison. VIA Motors puts electric drivetrains in GM vans, trucks, and SUVs, and this will be their first big auto show… »1/13/13 3:30pm1/13/13 3:30pm


Why the Chinese are getting America's most efficient car and we're not

Oliver Kuttner is tired. He's tired of your attitude. He's tired of your conclusions. Mostly, he's tired because he just got back from Germany and is so jet-lagged he's almost drunk. Germany was good. They get it in Germany. They definitely get it in China. Not here. Not in America. You don't get it and, even if you… »11/07/11 2:30pm11/07/11 2:30pm